Vagina Smell Can Be Cured Quickly

by Sandra Miller

You can get rid of the bad vagina smell if you know the right methods.Have you or a loved one been suffering from bad vagina smell due to bacterial vaginosis, and do you want to find an easy way to get rid of it?

There is a product making waves worldwide claiming to quickly get rid of bad vagina smell due to bacterial vaginosis, and it is called “3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief.” Being a former BV sufferer myself, I tried this product recently when I found myself suffering from it for the 2nd time in 2 years.

Note – This is a Review. Click Here for the official 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief web site.

It had me so frustrated and hurt that I have to admit I started feeling a little depressed because it started affecting my personal relationship with my husband.

When it first happened to me 2 years ago, I used a different method to try to get rid of it, and it took me a really long time to restore my natural vaginal pH balance until the infection came back with a vengeance recently.

This time around, I had heard about 3 Days To Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief and got excited because of all the hype about the effectiveness of the product. Also, I have a close friend who had already used “3 Days” successfully, and I also simply couldn’t ignore the many claims about satisfied customers who had purchased this guide and used it successfully.

Here’s what I found:

Once I ordered, within 2 minutes I received the guide and the bonuses, and it took me about an hour to gain a full understanding of how this was going to work. The entire system is based on a natural treatment without the use of any harsh drugs that tend to allow the infections to return because they ruin the natural bacteria balance, causing infection and bad vagina smell.

The guide was written by a former BV sufferer Kristina Tomlin, who spent months trying to get rid of her vaginal infection and bad vagina smell only to find out there was a much better way to combat BV. Everything contained in this guide is supposed to be scientifically proven information.

Bacterial Vaginosis DiagramWhen you have a fishy vagina smell, 95% of the time it’s due to bacterial vaginosis, a condition where there is an imbalance of good versus bad bacteria in the vagina. It’s usually recognized by a white vaginal discharge and a fishy odor.

The treatment in this guide relies mostly on using some of the items you already have at home, plus a few others you would never know about.

Vagina infections, especially BV, have a habit of reoccurring even after what appears to be successful treatments through doctor-prescribed antibiotics. This is because antibiotics kill all bacteria, including the good kind, leaving your vagina defenseless. I believe this is what happened to me.

I find the fact that 77% of women who suffer from BV suffer re-occurrences absolutely ridiculous. You would think with all the medical advances and technology this wouldn’t be happening; but it does.

3 Days to PBVF uses a three step plan of attack that not only eliminates BV and foul vagina smell forever, it’s supposed to make your body healthier than ever.

When I put the product to the test, on the evening of the 2nd day I started noticing a big difference. The white discharge had lessened dramatically, and my vaginal odor was not nearly as strong.

Within 4 days, the smell was gone, and the only visible trace of the condition was a slight vaginal discharge. After another 2 days, I felt cleaner than I had in a long time and my discharge and infection were completely gone by the 7th day.

Who do I think will benefit the most from this guide?

  • A first-time BV sufferer who wants a quick, everlasting solution
  • A BV sufferer who has had at least one re-occurrence after being treated by a doctor
  • A woman who doesn’t want to experience the well-known side effects of antibiotics
  • A woman who has tried another home remedy without success. This is definitely the top-selling guide to getting rid of bacterial vaginosis infections – because it simply works.

The Pros

  1. It will save you money, especially compared to the time and cost involved in going to a doctor for a treatment that does not work permanently most of the time.
  2. There are no side effects compared to using antibiotics.
  3. The guide was laid out in an easy-to-follow format and I had an easy time following the instructions.
  4. The guide lists little-known foods and products to avoid which help cause bacterial vaginosis in the first place.
  5. At the time of this writing, Kristina Tomlin offers free online support just in case you have any questions at all and to help guide you through getting rid of your unfortunate condition forever.
  6. It comes with 4 very useful bonuses worth far more than the price of the course for many women.
  7. They have a no risk 100% money back guarantee, and you can download the guide instantly to quickly start getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.


  1. The product’s claim of getting rid of BV and vagina smell in “just three days” is slightly exaggerated in my opinion; perhaps 1 or so out of 5 people will see these kind of results, but the vast majority of women will cure their bacterial vaginosis within 4-5 days.

My Recommendation:

I’m very happy with this product and it’s given me back my normal life, to say the least. 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief should definitely be at the top of our lists when we are looking for a quick, permanent BV cure to get rid of vagina smell.

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Help! I Need to Get Rid of My Vagina Smell

Sad womanI’m still a little embarrassed to talk about it, but when I first had bacterial vaginosis, or BV as it’s commonly called, a couple of years ago, I spent far too much time wondering why my vagina smell was so bad.

I tried to find a solution and spent a lot of time under my gynecologist’s care only to get frustrated with the time it took to finally get rid of the vaginal fishy smell that would penetrate anything I wore for during approximately 5 months.

One thing I can say is I had never complained or made any excuses for the feminine problems I had faced that men obviously never have had to go through, but I was beyond frustration.

When I started suffering from this condition I became so self-conscious and embarrassed that it began to seriously affect my personal life, including my relationship with my husband.

Bless my husband, though; he was patient, caring, and he kept reassuring me I would be alright through the whole ordeal. I was the one who couldn’t deal with the nasty vagina smell that was ruining my life.

You or anyone else suffering from this condition, which ultimately affects one-third of all women in the world at least once in their lives, shouldn’t have to go through what I and many other women have had to go through.

Through all the treatment under a physician’s care, I never knew antibiotics actually killed off all the bacteria in my vagina including the necessary, good kind of bacteria required for good vaginal health, severely delaying my recovery time.

I found myself wondering why 2 weeks after treatment began, why I was having to return to my gynecologist’s office to see if there was anything else that would work. It took me a full 5 months to cure my bacterial vaginosis and I believe the medication my doctor gave me was ineffective.

Because of the fact that I finally cured myself using “3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief,” I’m confident if I have bad vagina smell due to bacterial vaginosis ever again, I will rest assured knowing I don’t have to suffer. I pray it will never happen to me again, but if it does, next time I’ll know exactly what to do and it definitely won’t involve taking useless antibiotics.


UPDATE - As of June 6, 2010 I am still Bacterial Vaginosis and vagina smell Free. Yeahhh! I’ll keep you updated.

- Sandy

UPDATE - As of January 29th, 2011 I am still Bacterial Vaginosis Free. Thanks for all your kind words and positive feedback.

- Sandy

UPDATE - As of December 26th, 2013 I haven’t ever had another bout with BV! Awesome feeling!!!

- Sandy